The 8th Annual Southern
  California Geobiology Symposium

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The Southern California Geobiology Symposium is an annual, one-of-a-kind academic and professional event that brings together students, faculty and researchers from Southern California colleges and universities to highlight recent advances in the field of geobiology. Geobiology is an emerging interdisciplinary research frontier that combines the fields of earth sciences, biology, chemistry, oceanography, climate science and engineering, and aims to understand the interactions between the planet and life over time. It is an opportunity for undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-doctoral researchers to share their work with the local geobiology community as we all strive to increase the knowledge of environmental processes that affect our oceans, land ecosystems, and global climate.

The symposium provides a venue for students and researchers to discover intersections of their work with that of others and fosters the development of synergistic collaborations that will undoubtedly move research in these fields forward. The interaction of younger students who are developing their skills in science with seasoned researchers supports the development of a science community that can better address environmental issues that arise in the greater community at large and that can better communicate their science to the general public. With a better understanding of Earth processes, we will be better able to educate the public and combat issues of sustainability, green energy, and global warming.