Geobiology is an interdisciplinary focus that transcends departmental boundaries. Students often find their PhD committees composed of researchers from three or more departments!

Geobiology Faculty
Earth Sciences Microbial geochemistry of extreme environments
Earth Sciences Connections between geochemical cycles, microbes, and the rock record
Earth Sciences Evolutionary and ecological history of life on Earth
Marine Environ. Bio. Microbial ecology and biogeochemistry
Earth Sciences Geobiology in deep (and not so deep) time
Earth Sciences Organic Geochemistry and Paleoenvironment
Mol. Comp. Bio. Long-term survival and evolution in bacteria
Marine Environ. Bio. Marine bacteria, archaea & viruses
Earth Sciences Biogeochemical cycles through sediment diagenesis
Marine Environ. Bio. Microbial genomics
Marine Environ. Bio. Prokaryotic and eukaryotic microbial genomics
Marine Environ. Bio. marine phytoplankton biology and nutrient cycling
Marine Environ. Bio. aquatic biogeochemistry
Marine Environ. Bio. Chemistry of trace elements in surface waters
Earth Sciences Environmental microbiology and microbial fuel cells
Marine Environ. Bio. Trace Metals and Biogeochemical Cycling
Marine Environ. Bio. Iron acquisition by marine cyanobacteria
Earth Sciences Biogeochemistry of weathering, erosion, and the carbon cycle
Marine Environ. Bio. Biogeochemistry of benthic environments
* Primary Contact
Geobiology Research Faculty
Earth Sciences Nitrogen in anoxic sediments, oxygen isotopes
Geobiology Staff
Wrigley Institute Project Specialist, International GeoBiology Course Co-Coordinator
Wrigley Institute Director of Innovative Programs in Education and Outreach, International GeoBiology Course Coordinator
Postdoctoral Researchers
Earth Sciences Thermodynamics and kinetics of biogeochemical processes
Marine Environ. Bio. Microbial biogeochemistry
Marine Environ. Bio. Molecular Biogeochemistry in the Deep Subsurface
Marine Environ. Bio. Deep Ocean Geomicrobiology
Graduate Students
Marine Environ. Bio. Iron-oxidizing bacteria
Earth Sciences Triple Oxygen Isotopes and Primary Productivity
Marine Environ. Bio. Image analysis of Shewanella as they reduce metal oxides
Earth Sciences Ocean Sciences - Marine Nutrient Cycling
Marine Environ. Bio. Seafloor and Deep Subsurface Geomicrobiology
Earth Sciences Early Triassic benthic marine invertebrate recovery
Mol. Comp. Biology LTSP in biofilms
Earth Sciences Low-temperature geochemistry and weathering processes
Marine Env. Bio. Microbial environmental genomics
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Geobiology Affiliates


Geomicrobio of evaporites/volcanic rock in deserts

Venter Institute

TU Delft

NASA JPL Life detection in extreme environments
NASA JPL Biogenicity analysis
Post-Doc, Harvard University
Post-Doc, University of Bristol
Post-Doc, UCLA
Post-Doc, U Texas
Post-Doc, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Post-Doc, U Minnesota
Alexander von Humboldt Post Doctoral Fellow, IFM-GEOMAR, Kiel, Germany
Faculty, USC Environmental Studies
Postdoc NIST
Postdoc Rice University
Researcher Venter Institute
Assistant Professor, U Minnesota
Glendale Community College Lecturer
NSF Post Doctoral Fellow, Bryn Mawr College
Assistant Professor, Bryn Mawr College
Assistant Professor, UC Santa Cruz
Assistant Professor, University of Kansas
ExxonMobil Exploration Company
Assistant Professor, Cal State Fullerton
Assistant Professor, South Dakota School of Mines
Assistant Professor, University Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Assistant Professor, Smith College
Assistant Professor, University Wisconsin, Milwaukee



The faculty-student interaction in USC’s Geobiology program transcends the departments of Earth Sciences, Molecular and Computational Biology, the Wrigley Institute and Marine and Environmental Biology.