Geobiology, which we define as the study of the interactions between Earth and life on the planet over time, is an immense and exciting intellectual undertaking: much more dynamic than any single field.

Welcome to USC Geobiology

USC is home to one of the most exciting and extensive Geobiology programs in the world. In the past decade, we have put together a group of faculty covering virtually all of the areas required to launch an intellectual assault on the area of Geobiology, including: geology, biology, chemistry, geochemistry, paleontology, and, more recently molecular genetics and genomics.

The work done by the USC Geobiology group is highly interactive, with many collaborations occurring between various USC laboratories, as well as among other colleagues from near and far.  

We welcome you to our cutting-edge Geobiology and Astrobiology program, and invite you to learn more about how you can become involved in our groundbreaking research!